Thursday, October 19, 2006

egg holidays

In spring we have the fabulous egg-holidays with lots of customs and eggs coloured with onionskins. (The holiday takes place on April 8th next year).

Later, we have the so-called "second egg-holiday" SUVISTED on May 26-27. It is common for us to gather to a sacred grove in North-Eastern Estonia every year this time.

Both holidays are moving every year, so sometimes they happen to be in April/May, sometimes in May/June. The dates given are for the year 2007. (10 220 according to our calendar)

Why two egg-holidays? Eggs and those holidays represent the coming spring/summer. The winter season is over; it is time to swing. In south Estonia the summer season is a bit earlier - on the first egg holiday it is proper in south to go and spend some time outside. But in the north it is yet too cold for that. The weather goes warmer after a month or so, when the other holiday takes place. Of course both of them are celebrated all over Estonia, but the customs are a bit different depending on where you are located :)

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